The Tile Cleaner
We Bring Your Tile Back To Life


The Tile Cleaner has been cleaning and maintaining Swimming Pools on Maui for 20yr and 30yr experience in the field and we are the only pool service company to keep calcium off our customers tile, Unlike other pool companies they don’t maintain their tiles and have to call in someone with a system that will pit the tile or even crack the tiles and have NO experience in Swimming Pool Water Chemistry who can change your water balance and give you problems down the road.

Our system uses a mineral to clean a mineral; our system can even clean a glass window and not even scratch the surface leaving it looking brand new.  

Our system:

  1. Is pH Neutral
  2. Water Soluble
  3. Bio-Degradable
  4. Non-Toxic
  5. Pet Friendly
  6. Not Kill Vegetation

We do not use any blasting abrasive like glass beads that will pit the tile and leaving you having to replacing the tiles. We do not use any pumice stone or acid. Our system has proven to remove 98% to 100% of calcium and other stains without any scratching or etching of tile. That's right, NO ETCHING! Check out our photo gallery.

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